It's all about Helping You Promote your Business with
Envelopes, Print & Promotional Items

Welcome to Performance!
Since 1992, Performance Envelope, Inc. has been the right size for your business.  We are big enough to handle the largest Envelope manufacturing, Printing and Promotional Items order, yet small enough to dazzle you with attention, expertise, and service. 

Because we are independently owned, we can do what it takes to ensure timely delivery and excellent quality, while maintaining very competitive pricing. You will
benefit from our flexibility and local decision making without the red tape!
What truly defines who we are, is how we manage our business.

We foster our partnerships with our clients by saying "No!". 

No Voice Mail Maze!
No Corporate Bureaucracies!
No Volumes of Policies and Procedures!
No Layers of Management! 
No Hassles!

We are a hands-on organization, our policies are common sense and we keep it simple. 

Performance is full service, business to business, wholesale envelope company whose principals have over 40 years of  industry related experience.

We specialize in standard and custom envelopes, with or without windows, specialty papers, with 1 to 4 color printing, and 4-color process.  We had added promotional products to our offerings to further our clients brand.

It Truly IS All About You!
When You Work With Performance,
You enjoy...

We're available and ready to meet your ever-changing envelope, print and promotional needs. We get the job done!

2. Consultative Expertise
Performance offers over 40 years combined industry experience in Specialty Papers, Custom Envelopes, 1 to 4 color Printing, Postal regulations, Envelope manufacturing, and Promotional Items..

We are a hands on team providing you with immediate answers and the confidence of human contact.  You won't get lost in a voice mail maze at Performance Envelope, Inc. 

Cost Savings
Every order is client proofed and pressed proofed avoiding costly errors. Every effort is made to catch & question  written and verbal discrepancies, meeting clients needs without error, on time, every time.

Personal Commitment
At Performance Envelope, Inc. you deal directly with decision makers. We use a common sense approach to policies & procedures and are personally and financially committed to your success.

6. A Partnership
We want and will work towards a long term partnership with our clients, but first let's be sure we agree on the definition of "A Partnership":

1) A person who shares or takes part with another or others, especially in business with shared risks and profits.

2) A player on the same side in a game.

3) A companion in dancing...
...Let's Dance!